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URMS | 全球原物料供應商與買家之間最有效率的橋樑。
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Your Global Solution

raw material procurement

20 Years of Experience


Together we create Value


Connecting The Globe


About Us

URMS is an integrated platform which manages a diversified portfolio of raw material & products in the Petrochemical, Plastic, Textile & Composite Industry.


A one stop solution in your supply chain from start to finish we deliver a high value personalized service with the combined expertise of (1) Sourcing (2) Marketing (3) Logistic & Distribution and (4) Financial Services.


We are shaping the future of globalization to fuel the worlds demand for raw material while remaining competitive in a new era of constant changes in price, policy, technology and demand.


Our Mission is to be One Step Ahead in everything we do thus providing an uninterrupted flow of raw material & service to our worldwide customers with only the best quality, product choice and technical knowhow. We grow by association, react efficiently and listen with our hearts to exceed your expectations.


No Value is greater than the focus on Human Development. With this value in the forefront our skilled team will bring an added value to the daily operations with integrity and incorporate quality service to our customers in every daily transaction. We work with passion, act professionally while having fun as a global team to be accountable to every valued client.


Our Vision is to be Your Trusted International Partner of  choice for your raw material requirment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all around the year. A partner who will put your needs in mind One Step Ahead.

“ If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself ” ~ Henry Ford