URMS | PX/PTA/MEG Daily news at China– 6/26/2018
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PX/PTA/MEG Daily news at China– 6/26/2018

PX/PTA/MEG Daily news at China– 6/26/2018

FOB Korea $932, FOB Rdam $925, FOB China mainport $951



Central values in the originals online sa prevodom domestic PTA market firmed up. Discussions and trading values of major PTA spots were 75-100 yuan/ton higher than PTA futures TA1809, and discussions for goods on warehouse receipts were 60 yuan/ton higher than TA1809. Some spot deals were done at 5,690-5,720 yuan/ton self-lifting in afternoon session, and some goods on warehouse receipts changed hands at 5,660-5,680 yuan/ton.
Central values in USD-based PTA house of cards online sa prevodom market edged up today. Offers for bonded goods on one-day trip were maintained at $845-850/ton, and buyers raised bids for nearby-month cargoes, with discussions pegged at $840-845/ton.



Domestic MEG market picked up serije online further. Spot deals were talked at 6,880-6,900 yuan/ton, and H2, July deliveries were basically flat from spot numbers.
USD-based MEG market price firmed up this afternoon. Major offers for nearby-month cargoes were at $885-890/ton, and counter offers were at $880/ton or slightly higher, with discussions at $885/ton or slightly lower.

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